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Benny Milam Limited Signed Print, Finland Red Dragon.

Benny Milam Limited Signed Print, Finland Red Dragon.

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Professional quality 8x12 print of Benny Milam hitting the Rail we dubbed the Red Dragon located in Helsinki Finland.  This rail was huge and even though we cover up the classic sharp metal Euro Bike tracks the huge rail was still very dangerous.  Of course as per usual Benny pulled this thing with the ease we all have come to expect from him.  On the pull he slid top speed all the way across the road into the bus stop while a kid waiting for the bus tried to move out of the way as Benny seemed to come at him no matter which way he ran.  In the end he just opened his arms and caught Benny before he ran into the curb.  It was an amazing moment that gave us all that dopamine hit that we all crave.

There is only 16 of these signed prints get one while you can!!!! 

As Pictured in Image 5 if you order this print you will receive a Benny Milam signed print as well as 1 4.5x6 thank you card with a thank you message from me as well as 3 stickers (final stickers might be different then the stickers shown but will be comparable)

Rider Benny Milam

Photo E-Stone

Location Helsinki Finland 

Thanks so much for the support and the love!!!

About the Print--These are the closest you can get to real processed photo's and it show's in the final product. 

We use--- 


Chromira prints, "REAL Photographic C prints" (Chromogenic) are conventional wet process  Chromogenic prints exposed with light then developed with chemicals. The prints are completely continuous tone no dots at all. Chromira prints are much more durable and scratch resistant than InkJet prints. The Chromira’s 300 PPI working resolution is the highest standard image resolution in the industry. To attain even higher image quality, Chromira utilizes ZBE's patented Resolution Enhancement Technology, which achieves a visual resolution of 425 PPI.

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